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My own pathway to finding a healthy wholesome lifestyle has given me insight into the many challenges one encounters. This enables me to bring a high level of empathy, respect, and understanding to each individuals  own personal growth, unique development, and life journey. I once was a lost boy trying to find my place in this world without any positive role models,any direction, poor guidance and alot of ego and pride (Taurus traits), I made some bad decisions to say the least & those decisions took my freedom from me, and hurt the people I am close to. As a mature adult I am facing the consequences from those immature decision. I want to help troubled, lost youth and growing men not make my same mistakes and this MOVEMENT is designed to help inspire and spread good positive energy for all ages, while future plans are set for a studio and gym that all can utilize as outlets for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual comfort and nurture their minds and body's, instead of going down a negative path like I once did. My passion..***MONSTROSITY***...

Beasting at this test of Life!!


Our Team

I have personally hand selected an elite team of caring, intelligent, and competent winners who are excited about this Movement. We are completely open and excited for your feedback, and criticisms of all kinds. Help us help you. We look forward to tailoring to your needs so you can be your best physical, mental, and spiritual whole being. We understand that making everyone happy is impossible, however our passion is committed to adding that to to our lists of things we are able to achieve. Please stay in touch with all your needs and we will review them in an attempt to complimentary satisfy you.


Future Goals

Our business endeavors only begin here. As a man living in today's world/time who has come a very long way, I stay humbled and grateful with a giving spirit. As explored in my story part of this page, I have a vision of a gym chain and studio corporation that will partner as outlets for less fortunate youth to channel their own life struggles into something more positive and set them up for a better direction than the one I took as young boy. My natural God Given gift is my creativity and physique which I have made my art. My soul, mind and body is my internal art. My training, coaching, mentoring and music are my external art. My passion is to share that with others. All in a chase for REDEMPTION.If one future is changed, or saved, then it is worth all that I have suffered, and sacrificed! *MONSTROSITY*


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Monstrosity LLC

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Motivating, Inspirational, Bold Apparel

Motivating, Inspirational, Bold Apparel

Motivating, Inspirational, Bold Apparel


Our original product is our apparel. Comfortable, functional, and fully customize-able. Made with all body types and lifestyles in mind. 


Motivating, Inspirational, Bold Apparel

Motivating, Inspirational, Bold Apparel


All upcoming events, shows, mixers, and promotions can be found here. 2018 Projects are underway, stay tuned...

Testimonials, Stories, Pictures, Posts

Motivating, Inspirational, Bold Apparel

Testimonials, Stories, Pictures, Posts


Our customers raving and sharing about us on social media will be shared here... Share your memories, events, and great stories and win prizes, freebies, and be invited to training sessions and upcoming events such as shows and video shoots.

Spring Kick Off Promo

Spring Kick Off Promo

Testimonials, Stories, Pictures, Posts


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Spring Kick Off Promo



We are open to ideas and feedback. Share here, or submit an inquiry and we will contact you with opportunities to partner and maximize on our customers and clients shared thoughts.


Spring Kick Off Promo



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Checks and Money Orders can be mailed along with completed order forms to: PO BOX 23907, San Antonio, TX 78223. Allow 7-14 business days for delivery.

Yes. All designs come in mens/ladies/ and racerbacks.

Yes. We are in process of a youth collection, coming this summer 2018...sorry for the wait.


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